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How Kitting and Assembly Can Boost Your Business

How kitting and assembly can boost your business_
Last Modified: June 5, 2020
Looking for an easy way to make the most of your fulfillment and distribution services? Kitting and assembly can offer you a cost effective solution. Give your customers better, quicker service and decrease delivery times by taking advantage of kitting and assembly services. Let R+L Global Logistics
Fulfillment And Distribution
October 21, 2019
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Looking for an easy way to make the most of your fulfillment and distribution services? Kitting and assembly can offer you a cost effective solution. Give your customers better, quicker service and decrease delivery times by taking advantage of kitting and assembly services.

Let R+L Global Logistics kitting and assembly services boost your business by lightening your load and taking the stress out order fulfillment. You’ll find that outsourcing kitting and assembly can help you meet goals and accommodate your business’s needs. Learn more about kitting assembly services.

What is Kitting and Assembly?What is Kitting and Assembly (1) (1)

R+L Global Logistics offers a variety of fulfillment and distribution services. One of those services is kitting and assembly. It is important that eCommerce businesses and online retailers understand the ins and outs of the kitting and assembly process. Understand what these terms mean and how these services can help boost your business.

In simple terms, kitting refers to the process of putting together individual items for a product that ships as a single item. For example, a beauty subscription box contains multiple items and is sent out together as a “kit.” Kitting is the process of putting the items together in the box. You might find kitting sometimes referred to as product building.

Assembly can also be explained in simple words. Assembly refers to the actual act of putting products together in a kit. These two processes work hand-in-hand to make services simple. For example, a holiday basket contains multiple items that are assembled together and are made ready to ship as a kit.

When put together, kitting and assembly is a straightforward process. When a customer submits an order, it is received at the warehouse or fulfillment and distribution center. The items for the kit are gathered, packaged and sent out as one.

You’ll find a number of products frequently sold together that require kitting and assembly services. These include:

  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Electronics
  • Media Kits and promotional materials
  • Multi-level marketing kits
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Product samples
  • Subscription box programs

Other products take advantage of these services, too. If consumers buy items in a group, the product might have been part of a kitting and assembly process.


Why Kitting and Assembly?

Kitting and assembly, like most of product fulfillment, is a multi-tasking job. Warehousing services, fulfillment services, distribution services, kitting and assembly, and more keep warehouse workers busy. Thankfully, these cost effective services make order fulfillment a snap for clients, regardless of the product.

If you’re a retailer or ecommerce business who needs kitting and assembly services, you’ll find many reasons why you should outsource this process and leave it to the pros. There are many kitting and assembly clients that need items put together, but don’t have the resources or space to do it themselves. This is where a kitting and assembly services provider steps in to help.

You might find that the kitting process is made up of two actions: Production and assembly. Kitting and assembly services work with factory-like precision, integrating these services for peak customer satisfaction. Warehousing partners who can provide both production and assembly under one roof are a great option for many businesses.

R+L Global Logistics is prepared to offer light manufacturing services for kitting and assembly partners. This means R+L Global Logistics can produce items based on a client’s Bill of Materials. Kitting and assembly is the process of putting it all together. Working diligently with clients on what has to go into each kit is crucial. Clients will have ideas on how they want kits to be assembled. R+L Global is also prepared to offer advice to clients on the kitting processes. Kits can even be assembled in custom containers. This can include branded boxes, envelopes, plastic wrap and more.

After the kits are assembled, R+L Global Logistics can offer clients the fulfillment warehouse services needed to get the kits to end customers. Postal logistics and shipping services offered by R+L Global can make getting kits to the proper destination simple. Taking advantage of these services can reduce the hassle of the fulfillment and distribution process.

Kitting and assembly services are great for product fulfillment. Let R+L Global combine kitting, assembly and distribution process to lighten your load and make the most of these cost-effective services.


Benefits of Taking Advantage of R+L Global’s Kitting and Assembly Services

There are a number of reasons why you might take advantage of R+L Global’s kitting and assembly services. Streamline your fulfillment and distribution process and make the most of available services. Benefits of using R+L Global Logistics’ kitting and assembly services include:

  • Faster order fulfillment: When your items are assembled in bulk, you’ll find that order fulfillment time decreases and pick/pack costs go down because each kit is counted as a single SKU in the warehouse or fulfillment center.
  • Reduced shipping mistakes: You might find that the chance of error decreases when items are shipped in kit form as a single sku. Hassle is reduced, too. You won’t have to weigh or label each item individually, as each item forms a single kit. This way, you can pre-print shipping labels and eliminate steps in the process. Eliminating steps in the process can help eliminate the chance of errors.
  • Cost-effective and efficient packaging: Shipping costs can go down when your kits are packaged in a box customized by weight and size. Benefits of reduced shipping expenses and efficient packaging include cost savings and increased service for customers.
  • Operational and facilities management improvements: Clients can reduce the amount of floor space used in their manufacturing facilities by taking advantage of kitting and assembly services. This can increase both internal and external customer services levels.
  • Additional cost saving impacts: Kitting and assembly can save clients money in a variety of ways. In addition to saving on shipping costs, the kitting and assembly process can reduce the number of SKUs in the warehouse, lower transaction costs, and cause fewer returns and shrinkage.

Now that you know some of the benefits of kitting and assembly services, it is time to take a look at how these services can boost your business and impact your bottom line.


How Kitting and Assembly Can Boost your Business How Kitting and Assembly Boost Business 2 (1)

There are many ways that taking advantage of kitting and assembly services can help boost your business. If you’re seeking kitting services for your ecommerce or online retail business -- regardless of what you sell -- R+L Global Logistics has solutions that can help you scale and grow. Ways that kitting and assembly can boost your business include:

  • Save money on order fulfillment: Outsourcing kitting services can save you money in the long run. You might find that kitting and assembly are most cost-effective in bulk. This is when multiple orders are done at a time instead of one at a time. Bulk kitting and assembly can help you save money on order fulfillment by reducing label printing, the weight of freight and shipping costs.
  • Save money on shipping: Another way you can save money by outsourcing kitting and assembly services is by reducing shipping costs. Orders can be consolidated into a single shipping unit, which saves money. Additionally, you can save money by shipping in larger bundles.
  • More space in your facility: If you’re a small or medium sized online retailer or ecommerce business, you might be short on space in your own facility. Outsourcing your fulfillment and distribution services, including kitting and assembly, can help you get the most out of your space. Outsourcing can save you on storage space and handling. Outsourcing services can also help you save money on the expense of creating a climate controlled environment to store some products.
  • Make fewer mistakes: R+L Global can turn kitting and assembly processes into an assembly line. This standardized process can help eliminate mistakes in the kitting process. Additionally, you’ll know how much product is being ordered and how much is being shipped out, allowing you to keep track of inventory easily.
  • Use better packaging: Taking advantage of kitting and assembly services lets you customize your shipping/packing containers.This means you can use the most cost-effective packages for your particular orders. Not only can customizing your orders with standardized packaging save money, but it can also help create brand awareness. You can use a specific, standard container with your company’s logo and branding. Recipients will know who the package is from, increasing your business’s name recognition.
  • More flexibility and options: R+L Global Logistics can kit and assemble a variety of products. This alleviates your workload, allowing you to focus on what matters to your business. Boost your business by letting R+L Global take care of the details while you scale your ecommerce or online retail goals.

You’ll likely find that kitting and assembly require attention to detail. Customers appreciate a well curated and perfectly assemble collection of products. Outsourcing kitting and assembly can help your business save money and more while benefiting your customers. Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing warehouse operations.


How to Choose a Kitting and Assembly ProviderHow to Choose a Kitting and Assembly Provider (1) (1)

Choosing a provider for warehousing and kitting and assembly services doesn’t have to cause a headache. Effective kitting and assembly services smooth the workflow and can make your logistics processes easy. Decrease the amount of errors and keep your customers happy with efficient kitting and assembly.

There are a few considerations to make to ensure you’re working with the best kitting and assembly and warehousing provider. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • High tech inventory tracking: Assembly procedures allow for flexibility when putting together kits. One thing that makes the process work is ensuring accurate and consistent inventory levels. You need the same amount of each item in the kit to make the assembly process work. Taking advantage of high tech electronic warehousing software helps you keep track of your inventory, in real time. You’ll know when you’re getting low on certain items and need to restock. Inventory tracking is especially important when you’re working with products in high demand. R+L Global Logistics relies on the latest inventory tracking software to help keep you aware of what’s in the warehouse.
  • Quality assurance and checks: It is important to work with a kitting and assembly provider that produces quality products. A good kitting procedure makes checking their work important. Many kitting and assembly providers stop and check their work after so many intervals to make sure the process is running smoothly and the kits produced are accurate. Double checking for errors can make sure your kits are being produced with accuracy and without error. R+L Global Logistics operates on a “measure twice cut once mentality.” This means our kitting and assembly services go through many quality checks along the way to make sure your customers are getting the quality kits they need.
  • Bill of Materials: In some cases, small items in a kit can be left out or included in the wrong numbers. This can occur most in high-quantity kitting operations. Workers can pack items on reflex and mistakes are made this way. Taking advantage of a Bill of Materials gives warehouse workers written notice on how to assemble a kit. This makes the kitting and assembly process run smoothly and without errors. Workers can use the bill as a checklist and make sure kits are assembled correctly. R+L Global Logistics makes sure everything gets double-checked and verified to the Bill of Materials.

Let R+L Global’s smooth workflow boost your business and make streamline your processes easy.


Why Rely on R+L Global for Kitting and Assembly?

Consumers have a mindset that makes kitting and assembly a necessity: The more items you buy together, the more money you save. R+L Global Logistics helps companies take advantage of this mindset by offering kitting and assembly services. Relying on R+L Global to perform this essential fulfillment and distribution service can save businesses both time and money.

Reasons you might rely on R+L Global Logistics for kitting and assembly services are varied. Benefits from taking advantage of R+L Global’s kitting and assembly services include:

  • Locations where you need us: You’ll find that R+L Global Logistics has the warehouse and fulfillment houses you need located across the country. We can find a warehouse or partner facility near you to give you the services you need.
    • Control, visibility and transparency: R+L Global’s warehouse management software lets you track your components in the warehouse. You’ll know inventory levels and can supply kit components as needed. Easy access to this important information streamlines fulfillment services. Stay on top of your products throughout the kitting and assembly process.
    • Cost effective and efficient packaging: You might find reduced packing costs when kits are put together and shipped out in a box customized by height and weight. This can result in a cost savings for you.
  • Let us help you respond to customer demand: R+L Global warehouses and partner facilities take advantage of efficient design and processes. This allows kitting and product completion to be finished quickly and efficiently. This better serves your customers by providing top-notch services and quick fulfillment. Customers get the kits they order quickly, allowing you to scale your business based on great service.
  • Mistake and headache free services: R+L Global has the professionalism and expertise you need to make the warehousing, kitting, and assembly processes easy and hassle free. In fact, you will likely find the chances of error go down when your items are shipped in kit form. Weighing and labeling each individual item is removed from the process. Items ship as a single SKU. Shipping labels can be pre-printed. Taking advantage of these streamlined steps can reduce the chances of error.

There’s more to kitting and assembly than finding items and putting them in a box. Kitting and assembly takes experience and expertise. Products must be related in some way to resonate with clients. A skilled kitting and assembly provider like R+L Global can help create kits that pique the interest of consumers. When selecting items for a kit, it is important to pay attention to feedback and planning. It might be wise to note which items are best received among customers and planning to offer similar items in line with those.

Kitting and assembly is cost efficient, too. R+L Global’s streamlined kitting and assembly services can save money by simplifying operations. The kitting process can decrease a seller’s per unit cost.

There are many reasons why you might rely on R+L Global’s kitting and assembly services to make the most of your business. Value-added services like kitting, assembly and repackaging are valuable parts of fulfillment and distribution. Call 866-989-3082, email or chat today for additional information or to get started with logistics services.


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