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Warehouse Fulfillment

If you have an Ecommerce business, warehouse fulfillment plays a critical part of the supply chain. Warehouse and order fulfillment is handled by a third party thus allowing for the business to focus on other tasks.

Activity is constant at a fulfillment center as inbound freight arrives and outbound freight is shipped with customers’ orders. A business may need a full range of warehouse services including fulfillment processes like kitting or pick and pack.

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Warehouse Center Technology

R+L Global Logistics offers a wide array of fulfillment warehouse services. A network of secure warehouses strategically located helps clients ship Ecommerce fulfillment to customers quickly and efficiently. Fulfillment solutions have become the main resource for companies of all sizes.

One of the ways we assist clients is through the latest warehouse management automation services. Our warehouse management system (WMS) helps businesses quickly determine warehouse inventory levels and other data. The net result for companies is the ability to streamline processes from production to shipping.

Utilizing our warehouse management system keeps clients up to date on what’s happening with their inventory around the clock.

Other WMS services include:

  • Access to view inbound and outbound products in the warehouse in real-time
  • Inventory manager tracking items from arrival in the warehouse to shipment to customer
  • Integrate and connect with Freight Operating System for shipments
  • Processing sales orders for warehouse fulfillment
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How Warehouse Fulfillment Works

Once a business determines the need for warehouse fulfilment, the next step is to figure out what will work best. It could be a matter of selecting a fulfillment center close a customer base versus different warehouses around the country. R+L Global Logistics has a professional team dedicated to fulfillment warehousing to answer questions and help find the best solution.

It is up to each client to dictate how much freight is processed through the fulfillment warehouse. Inbound freight coming from the business contracted to use the fulfillment warehouse may already have an order placed for it upon arrival.


The goal of the warehouse staff is to turn that freight around to fulfill those orders promptly and load them for outbound shipment to the end user customer. Yes, this can be a fast-paced process that needs to be aligned and managed closely to ensure there are no mix ups. Warehouse technology is available to assist in making the process smooth and efficient.

In addition, other warehouse services may be required by the shipper to include:


Kitting – used by retailers and multi-level marketers combining several items into one new product such as a subscription service.


Pick and Pack – fulfillment based on a customers’ order, items are selected and shipped.

A business may also need to utilize a fulfillment warehouse to store inventory for a short period as well. A member of the fulfillment warehouse team can help businesses secure space as needed.

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R+L Global Logistics

A fulfillment warehouse is a special option allowing businesses to ship customer orders quickly and efficiently. Benefits of using a R+L Global Logistics fulfillment warehouse:

  • State-of-the-art security 24/7
  • Dedicated warehouse and fulfillment center staff
  • Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Freight operating systems
  • Flexible hours and staffing
  • Certified TSA warehouse fulfillment centers
  • Warehouses near major ports of entry (airports, ocean)

R+L Global provides a one stop source for warehouse and fulfillment services. R+L Global is equipped to handle the job whether the need is to handle order fulfillment, customer shipment or long-term warehouse storage.

 Additional warehouse services through R+L Global include:

Whether a customer requires space to store merchandise to fulfill high volume orders, needs inbound freight repacked for distribution or loaded onto another vehicle for final transport, R+L Global is equipped to handle the job. We take pride in providing excellent customer service.

 Let our professional team assist in finding the right solution for your warehousing and distribution solutions.

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