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About Us

R+L Global Logistics offers a comprehensive solution for warehousing and order fulfillment services. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology for warehouse management to streamline the fulfillment process. A network of secure warehouses located across the country is ideal for fulfillment and distribution logistics.

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Meet the R+L Global Logistics Team

The leadership team of R+L Global Logistics brings a wealth of experience to the job each and every day. It is their expertise, over 80 combined years in the field, that is the backbone of the fulfillment and distribution warehouse services we provide.

Rob Bowman

Over 30 Years of Logistics and Supply Chain Experience

John Paul "JP" Durrer
warehouse business development director

Over 25 Years of Logistics and Supply Chain Experience

Luis Puebla
director of warehouse management

Over 25 Years of Logistics and Supply Chain Experience

Additionally, the entire team dedicated to fulfillment and distribution are able to assist with any shipping scenario. We take pride in customer service. Our professional team works diligently to find the right solution for each account.

R+L Global Logistics Accolades and Testimonials

R+L Global is known for quality service and is often recognized as a top leader in the industry. We are honored and appreciative of each accolade, as it is further evidence of our commitment to provide exemplary serve to our customers and employees.

  • "After feeling like nothing but a number at a worlds’ top 5 global logistics company, we brought our business to R+L Global. They are big enough to deliver on all our needs, yet offer us the excellent standard of customer service we hold ourselves to. Exporting chemicals can be complicated, but R+L makes it easy. Our international buyers are very satisfied with the logistics services and never have to wait on their product."

    Rebecca, Leading Agribusiness and Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer

  • "We’re in construction, so our customers need their materials on time to meet their deadlines. We rely on R+L Global to help us exceed our customer’s expectations. Whether we’re moving fabricated parts here in the U.S. or the Middle East, we get our materials delivered on time."

    Peter W., Commercial and Residential Construction

  • "We use a lot of carriers, but I believe what makes R&L TL one of the best is because of the great service that was provided which really matters the most. Which is also why I have given R&L TL most of our loads because they continue to meet and exceed our expectations in terms of good rates, being on time for pickups and deliveries, no shortages or damages with our shipments, and most importantly is very fast in fixing problems "

    Danielle E., Leading Pool, Air Mattresses and PVC Product Manufacturer

  • "As a shipper I know how important it is to keep my supply chain running efficiently and my customers happy. This is why I trust R+L and their team of professionals to handle everything from hot-shot moves to specialized equipment runs, both domestic and line-haul. I can count on them to get the job done right, every time."

    Reuben M., Logistics Manager

How We Get The Job Done

R+L Global operates a network of warehouse in key locations that are ideal for reaching end user customers within a couple of days. We’ve been doing this for a while and we pass that knowledge and expertise on to our customers.

R+L Global Logistics Warehouse Distribution Locations:
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(866) 989-3082


R+L Global Logistics has a large network of resources to serve fulfillment and distribution warehouse customers. Our premier solutions meet a vast array of needs for those who outsource warehousing and distribution.

Our strategic partnerships include a network of reputable carriers along with R+L Global warehouses across the U.S. Couple the R+L Global network with our unmatched expedite, ground, and air service options for seamless shipping.

Fulfillment and Distribution warehouse services include:

  • Order Fulfillment
  • E-commerce
  • Crating Services
  • Pack/Repack
  • Kitting
  • Cross Docking
  • Transload

R+L Global is able to provide excellent fulfillment and distribution services to suit a variety of needs and product sectors. Take a closer look to determine how R+L Global can handle fulfillment and distribution for your company. 

Other R+L Global services include both domestic and international shipping featuring truckload, expedited, dry van, flatbed, and intermodal services to name a few.

Questions? Click-to-Call!
(866) 989-3082

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