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5 Huge Benefits of Outsourcing Warehouse Operations

5 Huge Benefits of Outsourcing Inventory Management
Last Modified: August 12, 2020
Using an Inventory Management System (IMS) can be marked down as essential in these technologically advanced times when customers no longer expect their goods in a week or two but in days. This can be an intricate balancing act for a business with a lot of moving parts, so it is important to point o
Fulfillment And Distribution
April 22, 2020
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Using an Inventory Management System (IMS) can be marked down as essential in these technologically advanced times when customers no longer expect their goods in a week or two but in days. This can be an intricate balancing act for a business with a lot of moving parts, so it is important to point out the benefits of outsourcing inventory management in a case like this.

The benefits of outsourcing inventory management include savings of your time, your resources and also can help you with other aspects like a better location for your products and the ability to have a better grasp on how much inventory you have at any time. Read more about the 5 benefits to having someone else handle your inventory management. 

1. Save yourself time

There are only so many hours in a day for business owners to overlook every minute detail of their operations. Truthfully, it can probably even be overwhelming at times. But what if you could hand a part of your business over to a partner who would do an amazing job while charging a fair price that allows you to still reach your own financial goals? Or just give you more time to think about big picture items like strategy, making processes more efficient or expanding your operations?

Employing a trusted company like R+L Global Logistics to take on the day-to-day managing of your inventory and fulfillment/distribution can help accomplish this. You’re dealing with a company that knows what they’re doing and won’t be a constant source of anxiety for you. A true win-win.

2. Improve allocation of resources

If you don’t have your own storage or warehousing space, you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of said facility and if you do need more space, you can easily rent it out of a logistics company’s available inventory.

You will not have to worry about moving all of your product to an entirely different warehouse setup, possibly in a worse location situation (more on that later). Also you’ll be able to pay a logistics company a flat rate each month and will have more flexibility than if you had to enter a lease to rent your own warehouse or a mortgage if you bought warehouse space.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about employing additional workers, setting up benefits and carrying additional insurance, often the largest expenses a business incurs. If you work with a prepared and stable company like R+L Global Logistics, you’ll get accurate timelines on freight movement, inventory status, etc. We will never overpromise and underdeliver any aspect of our operations.  

3. Employ Strategic Warehouse LocationsEmploy Strategic Warehouse Locations

In a perfect world, you want your items warehoused as close to their final destination — i.e. wholesalers or a retail business — as possible. Or, even more complicated, you might need multiple warehouse solutions strategically located throughout the country.

A reputable, well-run logistics company has already thought of this and will very likely have warehouse space in major areas of commerce and also in other handpicked locations based on both current and projected demand.

This can be both a time and money savings for you: your business doesn’t have to spend a bunch of time scouting out desirable locations. A quick call to R+L Global Logistics can unlock a myriad of options in a matter of minutes. Money-wise, you’re not making a sizable investment in buying or leasing your own warehouse. It might make no sense for a smaller business to at all, and even for a bigger business, maintaining an entire warehouse or system of warehouses can be a huge headache. 

4. See Your Inventory in Real Time

One of the major benefits of using an IMS is the ability to view instantly what your stock looks like at a given moment. For a small business — or any business really — the upfront cost alone of implementing its own IMS can be prohibitive. Also, inventory controls are absolutely needed.

Yet the strong points of using an IMS can’t be understated. An IMS will give you the ability to learn more about your business, first of all, to see where the demand for your products is. Also, it will allow you to resupply much more efficiently, which will ultimately save you money by not having products just sitting around on the shelves. 

You’ll also be able to know when the right time to warehouse more product is when you get down to a certain quantity, which in turn will make sure you’re not out of an item when customers are submitting orders for them.

So allowing a company like R+L Global Logistics to manage this important part of your supply chain can really pay dividends.

5. Meeting Demand of CustomersMeeting Demand of Customers

The last thing a business wants is to have a heap of products, a bunch of eager customers — and then not being able to meet that demand. That is literally unrealized profits flying out the door for one reason or another.

On the other hand, a stellar logistics company can mitigate this issue for you by taking over your inventory management at the very least. R+L Global Logistics can really ramp up your ability to meet demand because we can manage not just your inventory but really much of the supply chain management on your behalf. Once it is in our warehouse and being managed well, we can also pack it, put it on a truck and haul it to its point of sale or just fulfill online orders.

Outsourcing Inventory Management with R+L Global Logistics

Once you’re prepared to take the plunge and start outsourcing inventory management, contact the experts at R+L Global Logistics to handle all of your needs in that arena. We offer warehousing and systems to manage the supply chain of your products.

First off, R+L Global Logistics has warehousing across the United States, so it won’t be difficult to find the right solution there. Then, inside each of our warehouses, we utilize the best practices in inventory management to save you time, resources and long-term commitments. This way, your focus can be deployed where it matters — on the making and marketing of your products.

R+L Global Logistics can handle the housing, warehousing management, and even fulfillment and distribution of the products once orders are received. With our decades of experience in this area, you’re truly in good hands with us. We have real-time inventory visibility and also offer customer service to answer any questions you may have as we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Once you’re ready to begin outsourcing inventory management, contact R+L Global Logistics today for a free quote via our website or by calling us at 866.989.3082.

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