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How Cosmetic Warehouses Distribute Products

How cosmetics warehouses distribute products_Featured (1)
Last Modified: October 19, 2023
The cosmetic industry is a vast market to include the vivid colors of lipstick and eyeshadow to the latest anti-aging cream. Whether a manufacturing customer needs pick and pack service, cross docking or kitting and assembly, how cosmetic warehouses distribute products is a task our team at R+L Glob
Fulfillment And Distribution
October 21, 2019
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The cosmetic industry is a vast market to include the vivid colors of lipstick and eyeshadow to the latest anti-aging cream. Whether a manufacturing customer needs pick and pack service, cross docking or kitting and assembly, how cosmetic warehouses distribute products is a task our team at R+L Global Logistics can help solve.

Manufacturers of beauty products contend with a variety of factors when it comes to shipping their goods. Learning how cosmetic warehouses distribute products involves expiration dates, distance, order volume just to name a few. However, a main component usually centers on the turnaround time from when an order is placed to when it arrives to the customer or retail shelf.

The global cosmetic industry, generating more than $500 billion in revenue annually, covers a wide array of products. Typical uses are to enhance beauty, anti-aging, protect skin and basic hygiene.

The cosmetic marketplace includes:

  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Fragrances
  • Personal care
  • Oral care

And these products come in the form of solutions, creams, lotions, tablets, powders, gels, sticks, and aerosols to be applied to lips, eyes, eyebrows, nails, and faces. Most often a cosmetic warehouse fulfills online orders, along with those placed by beauty salons, specialty stores, direct sales firms, department stores, pharmacies and neighborhood supermarkets.

Cosmetic Distribution Management  Cosemtic Distributino Management (1)

The world of cosmetic distribution can be a fast pace environment. Product demand coupled with additional facets along the supply chain can impact whether everything runs smoothly. Coordinating the entire process takes attention to detail to ensure customers receive the desired product as requested.

One of the main ways for manufactures can have a better handle on the product volume is by tracking inventory. A warehouse management system or WMS can allow manufactures to see in real time what products are available and replenish the stock as needed for order fulfillment.

So as a certain product consistently tops the list in sales, it’s a good indicator that this item needs to be on hand without a lapse in quantity. While less popular items may not need to roll out of the cosmetic warehouse as quickly to keep costs low.

Using a WMS may also identify which season sees the highest product order types. For instance, spring and summer may net a high demand for items like sunscreen. Whereas winter months may be a time when moisturizers may see a spike in orders intended to ward off dry skin.

It’s just one of the many tools aiding in how cosmetic warehouses distribute products.

Cosmetic Expiration Dates

Warehouses set up to distribute cosmetics must pay extremely close attention to expiration dates when it comes to these products. While some products may have a shelf life of six months to a year; others may only last a couple of months.

In essence, the time spent waiting on distribution means the less time the customer has to gain the full benefit of the product. This is the reason why cosmetic products require a consistent supply chain.

A concept known as First Expiring First Out seems to work well to accommodate cosmetic expiration dates. However, of special note is sunscreen which must have an actual expiration date stamped on the packaging. So the sooner the expiration date from arrival in the warehouse, the quicker the turnaround timeline needs to be to the customer.

First Expiring First Out requires keeping track of product expiration dates. Note that all items expiring first; before other like products, are to be rotated and ready be the first selected to fulfill orders. The manufacturer does not want to waste cosmetic products. So the priority is to ship timely to give the customer adequate time to effectively use the product.

However, don’t confuse First Expiring, First Out with First In, First Out. The expiration dates are what matters in this instance, not necessarily what products arrived in the warehouse first.

If you want to transport freight fast, then read our article on retail shipping warehouses.

Warehouse Services for CosmeticsWarehouse Services for Cosmetics (1)

Typically, a variety of services are available in a cosmetic distribution warehouse depending on the needs of the manufacturer or retailer. The warehouse selected to handle cosmetic shipping should be equipped to process fulfillment quickly.

Warehouse services suitable for cosmetics include:

  • Kitting – used in retail to combine several items into one new product.
  • Pick and Pack – order fulfillment dictated by the customer; items are selected by warehouse staff, packed and shipped.
  • Subscription – a variety of products selected on a routine basis set by customer then packed and shipped for use.

How cosmetic warehouses distribute products will depend on the services needed by manufacturers or retailers. Additional options for distribution may include transloading and cross docking.

  •  Cross Docking – takes inbound freight arriving at the dock, unloading it from a truck or rail container and quickly reloading it on an outbound truck or rail car.
  •  Transload – involves unloading freight from the inbound mode of transportation to a different outbound vehicle type for the final leg of the journey.

Both distribution methods are viable options for large retail or wholesale orders.

Warehouse Distribution Services

R+L Global Logistics provides a variety of warehouse and distribution services to meet the need of cosmetic firms and retailers working to fulfill orders.

Warehouse services suitable for cosmetics includes:

  • Order Fulfillment
  • E-Commerce/Marketplace
  • Pack/Repack/ Crating Services
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Expiring product fulfillment
  • Cross docking
  • Transloading

Utilizing a network of secure sites around the country, R+L Global Logistics is available to assist with how cosmetic warehouses distribute products.

R+L Carriers Makes Distribution Easier

The team at R+L Global Logistics is here to assist with finding the right cosmetic warehouse to handle distribution and fulfillment services

. Rely on us to get your cosmetic freight to the right place every time.

A few benefits of our fulfillment warehouse service includes:

  • State-of-the-art security 24/7
  • Dedicated warehouse and fulfillment center staff
  • Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Freight operating systems
  • Flexible hours and staffing
  • Certified TSA warehouse fulfillment centers
  • Warehouses near major ports of entry (airports, ocean)

Warehousing fulfillment and logistics is our business. Give us a call at 866-989-3082 to talk to an agent on the R+L Logistics team about cosmetic warehouse options to suit your needs.

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