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Shipping Seasonal Home Decor

Shipping Seasonal Home Decor_Featured
Last Modified: October 22, 2019
As more people make decorating for an upcoming holiday season a big production, the pressure is on for retailers tasked with shipping seasonal home decor in time for elaborate celebrations to those incorporating subtle accents. But, make no mistake, seasonal home decor is big business and retailers
Fulfillment And Distribution
October 21, 2019
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As more people make decorating for an upcoming holiday season a big production, the pressure is on for retailers tasked with shipping seasonal home decor in time for elaborate celebrations to those incorporating subtle accents. But, make no mistake, seasonal home decor is big business and retailers are usually planning two or three holidays in advance.

Shipping seasonal home decor takes months of preparation from anticipating what the hot item will be to production at the plant and finally ready to fulfill customer orders. Celebrating with seasonal home décor items is the thing to do and everyone has their favorite. While some prefer to go all out for Halloween, others make Christmas come alive with whimsical and traditional trees along with an entire assortment of holiday touches. Many holiday decor items are utilized to transform homes into winter showcases to behold so hold on. We will dive into the world of seasonal home décor to see how it all comes together for special memories.

According to the National Retail Federation in 2018 consumers in the U.S. spent an average of $58 per person on home decorfor the winter holidays. The winter holiday shopping season typically includes Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday and Christmas.

Christmas Seasonal Home DecorChristmas Seasonal Home Decor

Christmas by far is the busiest time for seasonal home décor. If some people had their way, Christmas would last all year. The seasonal holiday décor used by many have become collections of all things to celebrate this winter holiday in full force. Everything from the festive and decorative trees to the accents of the season throughout the space are well planned months in advance. While it may seem effortless and that it just happens by the flip of a switch, is a part of the holiday magic.

In reality, retailers begin to think about Christmas home décor seasonal sales almost before the current season comes to an end. Did we say this season is big business? Well we’ll say it again; “this season is big business!”

Typically, retailers begin to subtly showcase holiday seasonal merchandise in late summer and certainly by early fall. The holiday faithful never miss the hints and are ready to snap up what’s new. The others try to avoid it until maybe after Halloween and definitely by Thanksgiving. But rest assured, holiday decorations are a major sector of the seasonal home décor business.

So how does shipping seasonal home décor get done in time for Santa’s elves to design a spectacular holiday wonderland or create an intimate space for the family to gather and open gifts? Working closely with an ecommerce fulfillment and distribution center, manufacturers have the flexibility to ship seasonal home décor to fulfill orders from retailers or directly to customers shopping online. However, home decorating for the holidays can’t be a last minute venture or the prime purchase window will be missed.

As holiday décor merchandise begins to appear in late summer or early fall, it’s not uncommon for orders to begin shipping when everyone is thinking of summer fun at the beach.

Give Thanks for Holiday Decor

All things related to the fall season typically gets lumped into the culmination of Thanksgiving. And yes, some people will debate that Halloween should be a season all its own. But let’s face it, the day of ghosts and goblins and candy galore occurs during the peak of fall.

The beautiful hues of a fall color palette often manifest in new seasonal home décor accents. From the harvest wreath incorporating rich shades of red, gold and orange to the festive faux seasonal gourds used as table centerpieces or floral designs. The seasonal touches of fall go into high gear for Halloween with the scarecrows and other characters associated with the day of tricks or treats. In many cases, the color scheme of orange and black is dominant counting up to the big day. It may be surprising to note that fall and Halloween seasonal home decor can begin shipping to retailers by mid-summer. So if looking at a calendar, it means preparation to ship seasonal linens, candles and other accessories occur up to six months ahead of time.

Companies looking to outsource fulfillment and distribution may turn to options such as:

  • 3PL Warehousing
  •  Kitting and Assembly
  • Retail Inventory Management
  • Pick and Pack Fulfillment

When looking for a vendor to handle fulfillment and distribution, inquire about the capacity to stock advance inventory prior to the peak of the season. As the lazy days of summer frolic by, manufacturers have their sights set on the crisp days of fall and are ready for the interior design changes to better reflect the season. While Halloween may take top billing in fall seasonal home décor, try not to overlook the harvest of other accents. Fulfillment and Distribution, powered by R+L Global Logistics understands the nuances and the nature of shipping seasonal home décor in advance.

Patriotic Seasonal Home DecorPatriotic Seasonal Home Decor

Red, white and blue are the patriotic colors of the nation found in the American flag. Whether in recognition of the fallen on Memorial Day in May, celebrating the country’s Independence Day on July 4th, or honoring those who serve a grateful nation on Veteran’s Day, patriotic home décor can be versatile throughout all seasons.

The American flag, fondly known as the Stars and Stripes or Old Glory, is a popular item of patriotic seasonal home décor. Memorial Day is usually somber in nature of the patriotic holidays, while the tone is more reverent on Veteran’s Day. But come Independence Day, at the height of summer, we shift into festive mode and all things patriotic.

In addition to waving flags, the entire seasonal home décor can take on a red, white and blue them with subtle nods to Old Glory with themed dinnerware, table linens or bunting on an outdoor deck. There are endless ideas for July 4th holiday decorations for the home with more being introduced each year. Think it will be too much? Well, think again because the clever home décor accents all add a special touch for the season.

The start for retailers to begin shipping seasonal home décor for patriotic holidays is between late March and early April as consumers want to begin to plan early for Memorial Day. Then early June is crunch time to get things in gear for Independence Day. Some may choose to incorporate patriotic theme accents throughout the home for the overall summer season. The three colors can easily be used as a group for a vibrant statement in tableware, or individually depending on the mood or atmosphere. White in most cases adds a light, airy touch to any room and shades of blue helps add a beachy or nautical feel. 

Celebrating New Year to the Super Bowl

A new year is always exciting. People go all out with seasonal home decor to ring in the New Year. Selections of seasonal decorations of silver and gold are the majority of items consumers use. While some décor from the Christmas holiday season may be flexible for a New Year’s theme, a few signature features may be added. And like all season’s this merchandise is a well thought out plan to have it available for shopper selections and delivery on time. And as each household may transform as the calendar changes, some seasonal home décor may be embraced at various levels depending on the taste of the consumer.

Manufacturers and retailers have to keep a pulse on the market to know what consumers will be looking for and when so they don’t miss a sales opportunity. Think about it this way, people generally don’t do a full out home décor for Christmas the night before or even the week before. The holiday décor enthusiasts are counting down for the turkey to clear the Thanksgiving table to make the transformation into all things Christmas. No, they are not ashamed of this fact and proudly wear the badge of honor even more if they manage to have their Christmas seasonal home decorations in place prior to Thanksgiving. It’s a big deal.

So for some, while New Year’s Eve may be a downshift from the fanfare of Christmas, the ending of the year still gives them time to celebrate having seasonal décor in place. And for the sports fans, New Year’s marks about two weeks of collegiate football bowl games to binge. Soon it’s time to get ready for the all-important Super Bowl to round out the new year. Regardless of the team you cheer for, New Year home décor blends well.

The Season of LoveThe Season of Love

Much of the month of February is dedicated to the anticipation and celebration of Valentine’s Day. Hearts and other symbols of love are used extensively for the seasonal holiday home décor. Valentine’s Day, with hues of typically of red, pink and often incorporating with silver and gold accents, a good multi-use for New Year’s décor too.

It may seem that too much attention is given to decorations for a day, but remember the celebration has now evolved into seasonal home décor. The job involves detailed advanced planning to get those new heart-shaped pillows, or new Santa figurines or wreaths of fall leaves to customers in plenty of time to maximize the season.

Whether the season lasts a few weeks or is a big day-long celebration, holiday home décor is a big part of enjoying the time. The hard part is finding a fulfillment and distribution company that can handle a variety of seasonal home décor and get everything shipped out in time.

So it may be the season of love in February, but most manufacturers are on to Valentine’s Day on the heels of Christmas. For the most part, there is no real downtime when it comes to shipping seasonal home décor. The push is to always look forward to the next season and begin to prepare. Although a part of the year may not be as intense, each season is important in the overall mission.

The fulfillment and distribution you decide to partner with must have a process in place to be in constant transition based on the season. Just because one shipment of seasonal freight is out the door does not mean things wind down, but quite the opposite. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or July 4th, the warehouse should always be gearing up for an upcoming season.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Home décor abounds with the four seasons of the year and the many holidays that fall within each. There is a season for everyone to enjoy and incorporate holiday décor in many aspects of their home environment. Some may gravitate to the bright colorful accents of spring, or the fun and whimsical touches of summer. The two seasons are close in span so there may be some crossover in the selection of decorations for the home.

Retailers are aware that consumers will look to get the most use out of seasonal home décor and will often suggest mix and match accessories. In doing so, it requires that both spring and summer or fall and winter be grouped together in shipping for fulfillment. This can translate into savings for the manufacturer on the cost of shipping seasonal home décor. Consumers may also reap a few benefits with the ability to mix and match items in multiple seasons and save time in shopping and in purchasing new décor.

Fall and winter have similar groupings of home seasonal home décor as the weather turns chilly. However, many décor producers move seasonal freight all year long. Fall and winter freight typically sets out by mid-summer to be on store shelves or available via online retailers by late summer. It’s an orchestrated process to get it all done.  

Services offered by Fulfillment and Distribution, powered by R+L Global Logistics can assist seasonal home décor manufactures with the following:

  •          Pick and Pack fulfillment
  •          Kitting and Assembly
  •          Retail Inventory Management

Pick and pack, along with kitting and assembly services are especially useful with online retailers fulfilling direct orders for customers. The level of services required will differ depending on the season and demand. Manufacturers will take those variables into play when seeking a fulfillment and distribution partner.

Tracking Seasonal Home DecorTracking Seasonal Home Decor

A good fulfillment and distribution center will utilize a Warehouse Management System, or WMS, to keep track of what seasonal home décor is in the warehouse or ready to ship. A warehouse management system allows clients to get a real-time look at what stock is available.

The benefits of a WMS includes:

  • Reduction of lost inventory – keeps track of what seasonal home décor is in the fulfillment center and what is low in stock.
  • Quicker fulfillment and shipping – allows faster fulfillment as orders are placed.

Regardless of the product, a good warehouse management system is key to the success of any good fulfillment strategy. The client and the warehouse must establish a true partnership and keep the lines of communication open to ensure freight arrives in time to satisfy seasonal shopping habits. Imagine wanting to get a head start on decorating for Christmas in October and nothing is available yet for purchase. You the consumer will go elsewhere. The retailer will have missed an opportunity and too many of those results in them not being in business long. So retailers want to ensure their customers will have the seasonal home décor they desire when ready to shop.

Shipping Seasonal Home Decor with R+L Global Logistics

R+L Global Logistics offers warehousing service solutions for a variety of fulfillment needs. We are equipped to handle a variety of fulfillment and distribution needs to including shipping seasonal home décor in time to celebrate. It may seem like small, insignificant items to some who wonder what the fuss is about while shoppers looking to update their seasonal home décor are eager to view options to add a bit of sparkle to their spaces. 

R+L Global offers services of:

  • Order Fulfillment
  • E-Commerce/Marketplace
  • Pack/Repack/ Crating Services
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Expiring product fulfillment
  • Cross-docking
  • Transloading

Our goal is to be a one-stop resource for warehousing services. When you are ready to ship beauty products to the marketplace or directly to consumers, our team will ensure the process is seamless.

R+L Global Logistics relies on a vast network of secure sites around the country all able to assist in a quick turnaround process of shipping to the customer.

The professional team at R+L Global Logistics is ready to assist in finding the right fulfillment service for shipping seasonal home decor. We realize your customers rely on you to get orders fulfilled and to their door; we are ready to help get the job done. Give us a call at 866-989-3082 to talk to an agent on the R+L Logistics team about warehouse fulfillment options to suit your needs.

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