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Pick and Pack Fulfillment

How do your online orders get from warehouse to customer? Pick and Pack order fulfillment might be part of the answer. Learn more about pick and pack fulfillment services and make the logistics process simple for your ecommerce business or other venture.

Order fulfillment doesn’t have to be a pain. Pick and pack fulfillment streamlines the logistics and supply chain process. This makes fulfillment and distribution simple. Let R+L Global Logistics help with pick and pack services and fulfillment needs.


What is Pick and Pack?

In an ecommerce setting, pick and pack fulfillment takes place in a warehouse after an order is placed from an online store. Picking is the act of choosing the correct quantities of each item from its location in the warehouse. Packing is packaging the materials in the correct box, along with the right insulating and packing materials and the right documents. From there, the package is sent to the end customer.

The pick and pack process works when warehouse staff has easy access to the products in the warehouse. Organization and having the proper management system are important. You might also find that pick and pack can save money. Freight charges and other costs are reduced with an effective pick and pack fulfillment system.

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What Makes R+L Global Pick and Pack Work?

R+L Global Logistics takes advantage of several pick and pack processes and strategies to make order picking and packaging work. These processes and picking methods include zone picking, batch picking, wave picking and piece picking.

Zone Picking

Zone Picking refers to the process of dividing the warehouse into zones and assigning order pickers to a specific area. Workers pass boxes from one zone to the next to fulfill orders. The boxes might be passed via conveyor belts.


Batch Picking might be used in high-traffic warehouses. It can be an efficient method. With batch picking, items are picked for individual orders, but multiple orders are picked at a time.

Wave Picking

Wave Picking combines both zone picking and batch picking. Order pickers are still assigned to zones, but items for multiple orders are pulled at a time.


Piece Picking may be the simplest pick and pack method used. When this strategy is employed, order pickers fulfill one order at a time as they come in. This system might work best for smaller warehouses.

Benefits of Pick and Pack Fulfillment for Ecommerce Businesses

You’ll likely mind several benefits to taking advantage of a pick and pack fulfillment system. 

R+L Global’s pick and pack services make it simple for ecommerce businesses and retailers to get products from the order page to a customer’s front door. Your customers will appreciate having a wide selection of items to put in their shopping cart and ecommerce business are able to offer more products when there’s a streamlined approach to order fulfillment. This means taking advantage of a pick and pack system can help increase customer satisfaction. Items are shipped quickly, packaged and labeled correctly and sent out on time.


Additionally, ecommerce business can find that pick and pack is cost effective. The process is designed for both small orders and large orders, so it makes for an efficient method of fulfillment regardless of what you’re selling. Pick and pack means all of your products are in a single warehouse, eliminating the need to get products from different storage facilities.

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Working with R+L Global Logistics

A pick and pack fulfillment warehouse is a smart option for those seeking to streamline logistics operations. Benefits of taking advantage of R+L Global’s services abound. You’ll find services offered and benefits including:

  • Advanced warehouse management system (WMS)       
  • Certified TSA warehouses and fulfillment centers
  • Flexible hours
  • Freight operating systems
  • Professional warehouse and fulfillment staff, including dedicated order pickers
  • State-of-the-art security 24/7
  • Warehouses near major ports of entry (airports, ocean) and across the country

R+L Global provides a one-stop solution for your order fulfillment and distribution and fulfillment services. Call, chat or email today to take advantage of pick and pack services.

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