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Expiring Product Fulfillment


Warehouse throughput matters when it comes to the period of time customers have to use a product before it expires. R+L Global Logistics is able to accommodate warehouse throughput for expiring product fulfillment for a wide range of products, including those with an expiration date.

Handling warehouse throughput for expiring product fulfillment requires close attention to detail to ensure everything being shipped out is still good for use. With a few important tips and more knowledge about the process, your business can successfully implement this practice to great effect.

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Product Expiration Dates

The constant flow of inbound inventory into fulfillment centers also drives the fast pace of outbound freight loading on trucks. Handling a portion of this freight is known as expiring product fulfillment. In general terms, it is freight that has a specific date range it must be used by, or it will not be effective.

In this category, think of nutritional supplements and cosmetics that are considered expiring products. In order to make a profit and not lose any money, these goods must be shipped to customers promptly. Therefore, warehouse throughput is calculated by the number of orders that are packed and loaded for shipment. No one wants to have a load of goods destroyed because of an expiration date.

A knowledgeable staff — along with the advanced technology of a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) — ensures the items are processed efficiently. This seamless method gives customers plenty of time to enjoy the product of choice before its expiration date.

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Warehouse Throughput

Warehouse throughput is the average speed at which a warehouse can fulfill orders. Besides its ability to store goods without getting damaged or spoiling, throughput in warehouse operations is judged on its throughput, overall supply chain management and ability to help the manufacturer or wholesaler with reduced costs.

With overall logistics a multi-billion dollar industry each month, it’s crucial to partner with a throughput logistics company that will help direct some of that money your way.

Even before the inventory arrives at the warehouse, the business needs to have accurate tracking of all products for inventory management purposes. It’s data that will be vital in keeping up with everything from production, to the warehouse for fulfillment and ultimately to shipment.

In the fulfillment warehouse, the business will be able to assess how much stock is on hand at any time to make key decisions. If the shelf life of a product is nearing its expiration date, the warehouse can shift things to make sure orders are fulfilled with this inventory first.

Expiring products in a throughput warehouse are categorized as either:

  • FIFO – first in, first out inventory
  • FEFO – first expired, first out inventory

This is a good way to make sure all products with expiration dates reach customers in time. The fast-pace of e-commerce makes it necessary to have accurate tracking for warehouse throughput processing.

There are also different styles of moving products to consider that will have an impact on your warehouse throughput.

For instance, there is pallet shipping where you might be moving one or more pallets of a single product for single or multiple orders going to the same geographic area. Depending on how many pallets are being dealt with brings into question whether a Less Than Truckload (LTL) or Full Truckload (FTL) would be needed. 


Then there is pick and pack fulfillment, where a laborer goes through a warehouse and fills an individual order by hand in a cardboard box, where it is then put on a truck or plane and shipped to its destination.

Businesses work closely with an experienced throughput logistics team to custom design a warehouse contract. Whether it is a cosmetic subscription box or a monthly supply of supplements being shipped to a customer, warehouse throughput service is able to keep everything moving.

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What To Look For In A Throughput Warehouse

It stands to reason that someone from your organization would check out the place where you plan to store a large quantity of your merchandise before agreeing to store it there. So here are some of the things you should look to practice throughput in warehouses:

  • A clean, organized warehouse: Think about it — do you want your valuable products stored in a setting where basic care for cleanliness and neatness is not a priority?
  • Space: The warehouse you consider has to have enough space to adequately house and move freight in and out of. Without that, it will just create headaches on your end. You only want to use multiple warehouses if it is a necessity, not because the warehouser doesn’t have the right space at the location you prefer. 

  • Location: If you’re having another business fill your orders, it makes sense to have the warehousing space you rent be smartly located in relation to where the bulk of your goods will eventually end up. A great location could help with your operational costs and also allow for the movement of inventory more quickly.

  • Customer service: The warehouser works for you. You need a partner who is very responsive to your needs and can also be nimble if a problem arises at any level of the warehouse throughput operation to shipping phase. This also extends to having a basic level of knowledge about your product and what both the product and your business needs in order for all parties to be successful.

  • Great transportation options: Plain and simple — does the warehousing solution you choose have a partnership with or have enough trucks and drivers themselves to get your orders processed and the products to the final destination?

It goes even further. The company’s schedule should fit with yours and there should be clear communication on estimated dropoff times so neither party is surprised. Real-time updates are a plus as well.

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R+L Global Logistics

R+L Global Logistics offers warehouse throughput service to a variety of companies for fulfillment. Each link in the supply chain is covered through the many other services we provide.

Additional warehouse services through R+L Global include:

  • Order Fulfillment
  • E-Commerce/Marketplace
  • Pack/Repack/ Crating Services
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Cross docking
  • Transloading

R+L Global provides a one-stop resource for warehouse throughput logistics services. We are equipped to handle the load for 3PL warehouse services and fulfillment.

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Why R+L Global Logistics

Through a network of secure sites around the country, R+L Global Logistics is able to help customers get time sensitive products shipped via the warehouse throughput service. A few benefits of our fulfillment warehouse service includes:

  • State-of-the-art security 24/7
  • Dedicated warehouse and fulfillment center staff
  • Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Freight operating systems
  • Flexible hours and staffing
  • Certified TSA warehouse fulfillment centers
  • Warehouses near major ports of entry (airports, ocean)

R+L Global provides a one-stop source for warehouse throughput. Regardless of the level of warehouse services needed, we have a solution to fit the job. We take our role seriously in helping our customers maintain high efficiency in warehousing.

Let our professional team assist in finding the right solution for warehouse throughput services to get your products out the door before they expire. Your customers are counting on you to deliver and you are relying on us to make it happen.

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